Porto Gambles On Friendly Free Enterprise To Solve Affordable Housing Crisis

view of Porto, Portugal

This is Porto. It needs more housing that is affordable for its residents.

Portugal shares the Iberian Peninsula with Spain, which is currently in the affordable housing news for its ‘Right to Housing’ law. Spain’s new law includes regulatory solutions for renters, including rent controls.

Portugal, facing similar affordable housing problems, is also supporting a localized approach to affordable housing initiatives. Portugal’s second-largest city, Porto, has an eight point program. The aim of these initiatives is to attract private capital that officials say will help dig the city out of its growing affordable housing crisis.

For more on Porto’s new collection of affordable housing initiatives, read more in TheMAYOR.eu: Porto has 8 plans in store to lower rents

Meanwhile, Portugal’s largest city, Lisbon, has schemes of its own. See also in TheMAYOR.eu: Lisbon wants to fix housing shortage by becoming a major landlord

2023-03-24 00:10:31
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