Helping Students Stay Housed And Stay In School

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Huiswerk. Een meisje zit aan haar bureau in haar kamer, en maakt haar huiswerk, Nederland [1964-1974].

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Hard on the heels of a post about Governor Newsome’s end homelessness campaign in California, here is an initiative in Washington State that has been around for longer and has enjoyed a lower profile.

In 2016, Washington State changed its definition of homelessness to include people who were at risk of losing their housing. This departs from the definition used by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which requires people to be homeless (sleeping rough, living in their car or staying at an emergency shelter) for two weeks before they can apply for help.

The Washington State program helps people to keep their housing, for example by paying rental and utility arrears. The funding and support is administered through local schools, placing priority on students and their families.

Schools in the United States are required to report the number of homeless students to the federal Department of Education (DEA). The definition is broader than the one used by HUD, which means that many students who the DEA see as homeless don’t qualify for any support from HUD. This program in Washington State helps to fill that gap.

Read more about the supports to students experiencing homelessness in reasons to be cheerful: How Washington State Redefined ‘Homeless’

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